At The PalmStand we’re more than just a brand or a shop. We are a place (and a feeling) where people can take it easy and be care-free, even if it’s only for a small moment in time. With chill music, coastal weather, and good conversation & laughter we are 100% Good Vibes Only. Stay as long as you’d like! But when we part, it is our hope that you’ll want to spread that goodness to others, so that as a team, we’re bringin’ “good vibes only” wherever we go! We also hope that every time you wear something from The PalmStand, or see our products in your home, you remember how good you feel with us and you‘re happy to wear our brand.


We are passionate about spreading good energy and happiness in our world that has too much struggle and pain. We are passionate about our world’s oceans and beaches and doing whatever we can to help preserve and protect these sacred things. And maybe, just maybe, if we can help each other feel better we will help our world get better.


So shop at the PalmStand, join the crew, and be apart of something Good!

Happy Vibin’ Peeps!

& Be sure to give us a honk or a wave when you see us on the road!


Live easy. Be Happy. at The Palmstand.