Collection: FL Sea Turtle Company

"The state of FL is home to one of the largest sea turtle nesting populations in the world! Female sea turtles crawl on the shores of our local beaches and dig holes to lay their eggs. In the early morning hours, volunteers patrol the beach looking for sea turtle tracks. Once nests are located, they are marked with a sign and barriers to alert the public to keep their distance. Weeks later, baby hatchlings are born and make their way back to the ocean! 10% of the proceeds of these bracelets are donated to the different Nature&Marine life conservation centers here in South Florida that are dedicated to preserving and helping this endangered species as much as possible. So it's very simple, "Buy a bracelet, Save a Turtle!"
-Florida Sea Turtle Company

We, at the PalmStand,

are honored and humbled at the opportunity to support this great cause and help continue the generational efforts put forth to preserve this endangered species.

-Uriel Vergona, Owner & Founder

FL Sea Turtle Company